Anger management


The aim of the training is to enable individuals to be able to understand more about their own anger, how it functions and the factors which can make it worse. The causes of anger will be examined as well as looking at the preparation needed for change. It is important to be able to recognise the early warning signs of anger as well as being able to employ quick ways of controlling anger. Strategies such as assertiveness, improving self-talk, taking care of yourself emotionally, learning to tolerate frustration or building the motivation for change will be explored. The willingness of an individual to change their angry behaviour, is based on creating the optimism for change.


  • Communicate in an assertive way 
  • Learn recognize the early warning signs of anger 
  • Learn to tolerate frustration
  • What are the triggers of anger?
  • Recognising & changing unhelpful thoughts
  • Manage anger in relationships
  • Maintain change