Burnout Prevention


While the creative process of doing and creating new ideas constitutes part of our evolutionary journey, when the sole purpose of one’s life becomes lost in doing rather than being, mental and emotional suffering will dominate one’s experience. Over 23% of the global workforce declares that very often feels they have experienced burnout as opposed to 44% that state it happens to them sometimes. The spiral effect in individual performance affects the organization they represent. Triggers that are responsible for this essential burnout could be traced down to work overload, exhaustion, dysfunctional professional relationships, unwise lifestyle choices, harbouring resentment, lack of self-compassion. In a more close examination five factors stand out as specific to businesses, these being, unfair treatment, unmanageable workload, lack of role clarity, lack of communication and support from manager and lastly unreasonable time pressure. The human brain is incredible in its capacity to heal and rewire itself. It is an instrument that can be shaped and trained to be more resilient, calm and compassionate. We can literally rewire our brains through new experiences, which will modify our neural network and our neural chemistry.


  • Learn to manage enhanced creativity and personal initiative 
  • Improved verbal reasoning
  • Improved working memory
  • Improved productivity and enhanced resilience  
  • Improvement in overall wellbeing
  • Learn to recognize and strengthen my strong elements
  • Improved relationships 
  • Improved learning, concentration, memory and focus
  • Learn how to maintain what has been achieved