Clientele service


The most important aspect in Clientele service is the ability to listen to the client with an open awareness. This understanding would facilitate connection and the ability to establish a working relationship. The medium that we employ to achieve and redefine this contract is language. It is important to consider the importance of language but also the manner by which we have been educated to use. It is paramount to evaluate and examine the way we have been taught to think in regard to communication. Specific strategies that we have learned in order to influence others will need redefining. The main aim is to achieve a win-win model that is always open to adjustment.


  • Learn the basic forms of communication AT
  • Understand the rights of the client as well as yours AT 
  • Why listening is so important? RL
  • Understand the nature of the exchange RL
  • Creative thinking- create your own strategy (mind map) MM
  • We will learn to avoid the road blocks to communication RL
  • Mindful Inquiry- staying objective M
  • Learn how to respond to the client RL
  • Use clean language- the compelling metaphor
  • Non-verbal communication- what to look for M
  • How to connect with the client-laughter/ self-disclosure M
  • Co-Create the contract to sell AT