Conflict resolution


Conflict carries within it the element of co-dependence, a mix of co-operation and competitiveness. As a result two situations are expected to ensue, zero sum scenarios (win-lose) or non-zero sum scenarios (win-win). Conflict can be viewed as a challenge to grow and through careful action we can create win-win scenarios benefiting both parties.  

As humans we interact, predict possible outcomes and co create a future together. The medium that we use to create with is primarily language. Solution focused approach proposes that we employ a language that is both positive and future orientated. As such, it points to the transient nature of the problem but also creates new positive mental maps to explore. We work with the assumption that each individual is their own expert and thus has all the necessary solutions. We teach them to rediscover and apply them in the problem in hand.


  • Learn to recognize positive language
  • Discover what has worked at the past – Strengths
  • Focus on what already works
  • Understand the subjective effect of change
  • Use scales to measure your subjective motivation 
  • Explore and expand on the idea of a preferred future-North star
  • Begin to observe how others respond to your preferred solution
  • Negotiate with others
  • Recognize if your solution continuous to be maintained
  • Keep expanding the vision for the future