Interpersonal effectiveness skills (Mindful dialogues)

“Hell, is other people”, asserted Jean Paul Sartre. Although we do not espouse the same view with the French philosopher, we can maintain that human interaction at times might make us feel that way. Each of us regularly experiences interpersonal suffering. Stresses with family members, co-workers, and friends, loneliness and disconnection are all part of interpersonal suffering. We experience interpersonal suffering because we are essentially relational beings: our minds seek to grasp and hold, while the social life that touches us is full of uncontrollable changes. Through the training we aim to extend and deepen our awareness of social interactions in all their complexity, with all their shadow, pain, and promise. We will strive to achieve and service authentic freedom and experience the humbling realization of deepest connection between human beings. Simply recognizing these dynamics at work, and knowing that they arise as constructions of the sensitive interconnection of heart and mind, can be helpful.


  • Value connection with others
  • Understand and utilize self-compassion