Mapping the road to success- (learn how to thrive) NR FDT

Human beings can only be understood as beings continuously in the process of becoming. Because we can only move forward most of our thinking and behaviour is anticipatory or future orientated. THE FUTURE IS WHAT REALLY MOTIVATES OUR ACTIONS. The past is only relevant only to the extent to predict the future. This has a huge impact on how we process information, how we feel about different situations, how we interact with our environments and ultimately how we create our lives. The key to thriving is learning to harness the minds natural tendency to anticipate the future so that you can focus most of your attention on what you would like to achieve. Whenever you think about your desired future state, several solution generated, problem-solving mechanisms in our brain kick in and as a result maximise the full potential to create the experiences you want.



  • Creating new expectations
  • Knowing what you value
  • Visualizing your future
  •  Define realistic goals
  • Generating solutions for success
  • Six steps for action
  • Deal more effectively with situations beyond control
  • Let go of resistance
  • Use  mind maps to monitor change