Mindful Parenting


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a well-defined and systematic person-centred educational approach. It uses relatively intensive training with mindfulness at the core of the program to teach people how to take better care of themselves and live healthier and more adaptive lives. Mindfulness requires the effective use of the present moment in becoming more AWARE of the appropriateness of particular choices.  The core of the program has been adjusted to enable parents to use mindfulness techniques as an exploration tool into their parenting practises. It will introduce them to the benefits of mindfulness as a parenting approach as well as to ways that would enable to support their child at home.

  • Session 1: Automatic parenting
  • Session 2: Beginner’s Mind Parenting
  • Session 3: Reconnecting with the body as a parent
  • Session 4: Responding rather than reacting to parenting stress
  • Stress 5: Parenting patterns and Schemas
  • Session 6: Conflict and Parenting 
  • Session 7: Love and Limits
  • Session 8: A mindful path through parenting



  • Develop more intentional and mindful parenting
  • Understand Judging Vs. non Judging
  • The difference between Doing Vs. Being mode
  • How to be with negative experience instead of avoidance
  • Discover preconceptions of their child
  • Avoid putting labels on the child
  • Discover the positive qualities of the child
  • Self-compassion in a stressful parenting situation
  • Automatic reactions exploration
  • Understand reactive parenting patterns
  • Insight on how parents childhood experiences affect their parenting
  • Learn to accept our limitations based on our own experiences.
  • Conflicts an opportunity for growth and closeness with children
  • Responding to breach of limits from a place of awareness
  • Discover the inherent capacity for love-No matter what