Mentors have an important role to play in every area of social and personal life, encompassing family dynamics, education, culture, sports and spiritual life. Mentors are open to the experience of others as they would listen with compassion and understanding to their frustrations and disappointments. Using their knowledge and expertise they aim to guide individuals in discovering personal meaning within the stress, confusion and conflict that might be present in their lives. 



Mindfulness aims to teach people how to take better care of themselves and live healthier and more adaptive lives. It promotes the idea of awareness and acceptance of any present moment experience whether pleasant or unpleasant. Through acceptance and nonjudgmental awareness we learn to accept ourselves as well as others. Emotional resilience, improvement of interpersonal relationships and self-compassion are a few of the constructs affected by the practice of mindfulness. However individual effort, motivation and regular disciplined practice are paramount constituents in gathering the benefits of mindfulness.



Solution focused is a way of thinking, a new understanding about life and people’s interconnectedness. Individuals are asked to consider themselves as the experts of their lives already possessing the necessary competencies to solve any presenting difficulty. They will be encouraged to re discover the skills and resources that had been instrumental to their success in the past and have assisted them in maintaining their current level of performance. They would be invited to imagine, to open up to possibilities while focusing on the presence of the solution and not the problem. Thinking and acting about the future in ways believed to make it more likely to happen but also considering the impact significant others will make in their efforts.