Solution Team coaching


Every case is DIFFERENT. This is an important basic tenet of solution focused consulting. Defining standard processes it appears to be a bit counter-intuitive. As it is widely acknowledged from the field of sports to the world of art no plan survives the clash with reality. Mohamed Ali, probably the greater boxer ever lived was reported to say “Everybody has a plan until the punches come flying”. In our view, processes should be better understood as ideas and inspirations rather than concrete fixed plans. Solution-focused team coaching is a simple, respectful and very effective way to develop teams. Unlocking a person’s potential within the team to maximise their own performance but also that of the team. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.



  • Understand behaviours, processes, and solutions that encourage every team to work well
  • Learn to recognize when something doesn’t work and attempt something different
  • Learn to recognize what are the small steps that can lead to change
  • Understand how to convert difficulties into goal without analysing
  • Appreciate the right language that can create solution development
  • Identify exceptions to the problem that can be utilized as a solution
  • Value the understanding that any solution is both created but negotiated with others