Strengths Based Leadership


Oh captain my captain writes in his poem WALT WHITMAN an ode to the dead president Abraham Lincoln.
Investing in understanding leadership is a necessary organizational adaptation to meet a continuous evolving world. Business leaders need to place focus on the resources and strategies they use to develop and empower their workforces. Broad-based strategies for human capital development give more individuals a stake in the success of their employer, boosting their motivation and reducing the potential for conflict. Our strategy aims to achieve this goal through a combination of bottom up and top down approaches. The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves. We combine the key elements of leading and learning in shaping leaders. We create leaders that give clear direction while creating space for initiative, innovation and openness to creativity. Clear direction based in the need to serve the interests of the company but also the workforce.


  • What drives the desire to lead?
  • How to unfold desire?
  • Why listening matters?
  • Become an MINDFUL listener 
  • Create a strengths based leadership
  • Direct focus on what and where it matters
  • Staying with insight
  • Speak with intent
  • Mastery of procrastination (Decisions)
  • Achieve enduring-Sustainable change